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Cone Beam 3D Scanner

The Future is now the Present: How Dental Technology is a Game Changer

Do you find it amazing that all these crazy gadgets and technologies that we see in movies are now becoming a part of reality? Perfect example, remember the movie “Minority Report” and Tom Cruise using that gestural interface? Microsoft introduces the Kinect and now its reality. It’s truly remarkable as they are not only “cool” but extremely useful and have altered our culture. There comes a time in an industry where something or someone revolutionizes the industry and takes it to the next level. Usually, this revolutionary change involves technology. In the dental industry, this game changer is now available. It’s the Cone Beam 3D Scanner.

This is one of the many pieces of amazing dental technology that we've added at Go Dental, your Valencia dentist. It allows us to visualize your teeth and all the associated mouth structures in a 3-dimensional perspective. This is particularly helpful when planning for implants and trying to figure out why a particular person is having pain in their mouth. No need to do exploratory surgeries, with this dental technology, we practically eliminate the need for exploratory surgery for all our patients.

From your point of view, how comfortable would you feel knowing that your dentist has the ability to take a picture of your mouth and practice most surgeries, cleanings, implants, etc. before even opening your mouth? From personal experience, I know this was one of the major reasons I was nervous about going to the dentist – the uncertainty. What our Valencia dentists do with most cases is perform implant surgeries on their computer workstations before performing them on patients. By duplicating the results of our virtual implant placement to our patients, we practically eliminate all complications leading to short procedure times (20 minutes or less in most cases) and greater comfort for the patients. Procedures that are accurate and quicker, sign me up!


There was one reason for us purchasing this dental technology – you, the patient. Our focus has always been our patients' comfort. Anything we can do to make your dental experience a great one, we will do. Remember we want to be your Valencia dentist for life.