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Who are America's Top Dentists?

I’m sure you've come across them; ads that proclaim a particular dentist was recently voted “America’s Top Dentist”. Have you ever stopped and wonder who decides which dentists are worthy of this distinction? What is the criteria for such a high honor? What does it take to be recognized as one of “America’s Top Dentists”?

$183.00. That’s what it takes to become one of America’s Top Dentists as determined by “Consumers’ Research Council of America”. It’s a huge farce and completely misleading.

Here’s how it works. Once a year, myself and most every dentist across the United States will get a postcard in the mail from Consumers’ Research Council of America. It states that we have been selected to be listed as one of America’s Top Dentists. It offers the “opportunity” to purchase a “Museum grade plaque” (which presumably gets displayed in your waiting room) and a listing in on their website and publication. The company also lets the dentist use this distinction on any promotional materials they may use.

So basically, if you are a dentist and you pay this company $183.00 you are now deemed America’s Top Dentist. ABC News did a nice piece on this scam last year.

I’m not saying that list is void of good dentists. It is important not to assume that if a dentist is on the list that they are bad or dishonest. But it is a deceptive marketing practice which implies that one dentist is better than another without any sound criteria whatsoever. The reality is that this “award” has nothing to do with skill set or patient care.

Next time you are paging through a magazine or a website and you see that a particular dentist was named “America’s Top Dentist”, you will know exactly what that dentist did to deserve that award. They wrote a check for $183.00.

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