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5 out of 5 Dentists Agree – There is no “Best” Way to Brush

A recent UCL study that examined dental care and dental advice across ten countries has found that there is no clear consensus on the proper or most effective way to brush your teeth and we at Go Dental, your favorite Valencia dentistry, have to agree.

Dental associations, textbooks, toothpaste companies, and even toothbrush manufacturers all seem to differ widely on how to brush, how long to brush, and how often to brush. This worries some dentists, fearing that the public will not know who to trust when all the sources disagree.

The differing suggestions have sparked a few dentists to call for research and studies into the effectiveness of the various techniques. For something as common and simple as brushing your teeth, it is worrisome that official organizations differ in their directions. Hopefully, with research and testing, a trusted consensus can be reached on what is ultimately the best method of tooth care.

However, all dentists can agree that the goal of brushing is to remove plaque and food debris hiding in your teeth. And, luckily, this is a simple task, only requiring a gentle brushing motion. It is best to target areas that are common plague playgrounds, including the biting surfaces and the gum lines. And brushing gently will help to avoid hurting the protective (and limited) enamel.

Since acids begin to form in your mouth mere minutes after having sugar, it is suggested to hold off on brushing immediately after partaking in sweet foods and drinks, as you may damage your acid-weakened enamel. Instead, rinse your mouth out with water or mouthwash after dining on that piece of candy. This prevents acid buildup, and starves off the food supply for that hungry plaque.

With these simple tips, you can keep your smile healthy. Hopefully soon, the dental associations worldwide will come to an agreement on what is best for you. But in the meantime, target that plaque.

Next time you make an appointment to see your Valencia dentist, Dr. Go, feel free to ask him questions about brushing your teeth.