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Happy Heart Month!

The month of February is often associated with Valentine’s Day chocolates, flowers, and romantic cards, but did you know that it’s also American Heart Month?

A healthy heart may seem unrelated to a healthy smile, but research shows that there is a significant association between periodontal (gum) disease and cardiovascular disease. The Journal of Periodontology has published numerous longitudinal studies that show a strong causal association between severity of periodontal disease and coronary heart disease and stroke. Inflamed, irritated, and unhealthy gums can put you at risk for very serious heart conditions, including heart attacks.

When gums are inflamed, bacteria from the mouth have a way to get into the bloodstream. Once there, these bacteria can attach to platelets (blood clotting cell fragments). Clumps of bacteria and platelets together form aggregates that attach to blood vessel walls, leading to the blockage of arteries and heart disease.

Keeping gums healthy not only prevents periodontal disease (and therefore bone and tooth loss) but also lowers your risk for a heart attack. Regular dental cleanings and proper at-home care can get your mouth and heart in great shape -- catch two birds with one worm!

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but there is still time to spread awareness about healthy hearts and smiles!

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