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10 Tips for a Healthier Smile

Whether you are trying to land that dream job or reassure a friend, a smile goes a long way. Nothing hinders a smile more than being self-conscious about your teeth. But fret not, your Valencia Dentist is here to help you get the most out of your teeth and will leave you with a strong, beautiful, confident smile in no time.

1) Watch what you eat.

Foods high in sugars, carbs, and starches contribute a veritable feast towards bacteria in your mouth. The more bacteria thriving, the higher your risk of cavities and tooth decay. Foods and drinks high in acid (such as citrus and sports drinks) can also weaken your tooth enamel, leaving your teeth visibly duller and more susceptible. Foods with deep, rich colors (such as berries and beets) can also leave their coloring on your teeth, dampening that glowing smile. Some foods (such as apples and celery) can act as a mild cleanser for your teeth, helping scrub away some of that newly formed plaque.

2) Avoid that soda.

Sodas and juices are often loaded in sugar and acid, weakening your tooth’s natural defenses as well as fueling your mouth’s bacteria. What’s worse is that brushing after drinking these drinks can actually damage your tooth more, as the enamel is softened. Don’t think that diet sodas are any better; they are often just as high in acid content. If you can’t kick that soda addiction quite yet, be sure to rinse your mouth with water after drinking, or sip that drink with a straw.

3) Stay hydrated.

Water is essential in maintaining a healthy life, and it goes for your mouth and smile, too. Drinking water helps your body flush away excess bacteria and cleanses your mouth of any of those acidic drinks and foods. Dry mouth, which can be caused by any number of things, increases your risks of tooth decay, so carry that water bottle with you. If that’s not possible, some sugarless gum can get your saliva flowing and help tame some of that acid.

4) Put down that cigarette.

Smoking causes stains to embed themselves in the grooves and ridges of your enamel. The longer you smoke, the deeper the stains. Brushing alone is often not enough to rid yourself of tobacco stains, so it is best to find an alternative to smoking.

5) Brush those teeth.

It goes without saying that brushing is the number one method of keeping a healthy smile. Brushing should occur after every meal. Just make sure you rinse before you brush. Grab yourself a soft-bristled, rounded nylon brush and get brushing!

6) Flossing is important, too.

Brushing can only clean so much of your tooth’s surface. It’s estimated that brushing alone can only clean about 50% of the tooth. You need floss to get between the cracks. Flossing helps prevent plaque buildup and aids in the prevention of periodontitis, a disease which can lead to tooth loss (and many other problems).

7) Don’t forget the tongue.

Your tongue is a major indicator of your overall health, and shouldn’t be forgotten in your daily routine. You can use your toothbrush or splurge for that specially designed tongue scraper, but make sure you brush your tongue. Not only does it help reduce the overall amount of bacteria in your mouth, but it can also help eliminate bad breath.

8) Prevent dental grinding.

Stress can play a major role in your smile. Grinding, caused by excess stress and other contributors, can wear your teeth out, damage enamel, chip a tooth, or even crack them. Most dental grinding occurs during sleep, so some people aren’t aware they are doing it. A mouth guard can help relieve the pressures of grinding.

9) Take your vitamins.

Taking a daily vitamin can help your smile stay healthy and bright. Vitamin C helps keep your gums healthy. Vitamin D and Calcium helps prevent osteoporosis and can keep your teeth and your smile in tip-top shape as you age.

10) See your dentist.

You should be seeing your dentist a minimum of twice a year, though a cleaning and checkup every 3 or 4 months is recommended. Not only can your dentist help with any questions and concerns you may have, they can also help with preventative and restorative care, from fillings to mouth guards to professional whitening.

Remember, your dentist is there to help guide you towards a healthier mouth. The list above is just a general list. Your dentist can offer many more ways to get the most out of your tooth care regime, and even customize it towards your lifestyle. If you’re ever in need of a dentist in Valencia, don’t hesitate to stop by Go Dental, your Valencia Dentist where we have your smile in mind.