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Magnifying Loupes.

Dental Loupes

Many patients have asked us in the past why we wear magnifying loupes.

It’s a good question and something didn't do until about 10 years ago.  

The most obvious answer to this question is that it helps us see better. But this doesn't mean that your Valencia dentists are blind or going blind.  In fact, in our practice, neither Dr. Monti or Dr. Lin wear glasses. I do, but it’s a really weak prescription for my nearsightedness (myopia).

First of all, the magnification helps us to be able to see more detail of the tooth. Our loupes have very bright LED lights connected to them which really help to illuminate the dental field. It is truly amazing how much more we are able to visualize with the help of the loupes and the light. It doesn't help us get through the procedure any faster but the level of precision which we are able to cut our preps is truly remarkable. Our laboratory fabricates our crowns utilizing a high powered microscope and they are able to achieve incredible results from our precision preparations.  

The loupes and our headlights even help us completing root canals since we are able to see more of the internal anatomy of the tooth. During dental surgeries such as placement of dental implants, the light helps illuminate the surgical field so we can see anatomical variances that may not be easily visible to the naked eye. We like to wear our loupes during your checkups so we don’t have to depend solely on the dental explorer to find and detect cavities.  

Finally, utilization of dental loupes helps us keep better posture while working. We can hold our head further from your mouth which results in better posture. And better posture means that we’ll be less prone to back problems (and presumably be your dentist for a bit longer!)