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Shedding Light on Decay with Innovative Technology

Traditional methods of diagnosing tooth decay include clinical observations (what we can see and feel) and radiographs (x-rays for what we can’t see). While these methods are very reliable for detecting moderate-sized decay, sometimes smaller suspicious areas are not so obvious. To provide patients with the best quality of care, GoDental has an incorporated new, innovative tool that will shed more light to the diagnostic process. This week, I’d like to introduce you to the latest addition to our armamentarium: the SoproLife intraoral camera. This technologically advanced device uses a light-induced fluorescence and camera imaging to diagnose tooth decay.

Our brand new intraoral camera does much more than taking photos of teeth. The very small camera (only a bit larger than a toothbrush) fits comfortably in the mouth to magnify images between 30 to 100 times the actual size. And with personal TV screens in every operatory, patients here at Go Dental can have a close-up look at every tooth that needs treatment. Additionally, this camera feature is very useful for taking pictures of inflamed gum tissue and suspicious lesions that are part of our routine oral cancer exams.

The most unique feature of this technology is the fluorescent light that can detect tooth decay, even at its earliest stages. The device emits a light which appears as different colors, depending on the tooth structure that is fluoresced. Healthy tooth structure generates less fluorescence and shows up as green. When the tooth starts to break down due to decay, the light signal becomes stronger and the decay appears red. By taking photos of these fluoresced teeth, we can show patients exactly where they have trouble spots. We can also use fluorescence during treatment to conservatively remove only the red areas of an infected tooth, and thus preserving tooth structure.


With the SoproLife intaroral camera, patients here at Valencia Dentistry can actively participate in the diagnostic process. These intraoral photos help to demonstrate the tooth, surface, and size of treatment needed. Patients can also feel confident that we are using the latest technology to perform minimally invasive dentistry and to save tooth structure. By implementing this new device, we hope to educate patients about oral conditions and to preserve healthy smiles.

Visit your favorite Valencia Dentist and check out our new SoproLife intraoral camera!