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Child Getting Their Teeth Cleaned

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, the silent epidemic.

Around 40% of children reaching Kindergarten age are shown to already have dental caries (bacteria that can cause the tooth decay) and other oral diseases. As early as the age of three, 10% of children are already impacted. This is five times more common than asthma, and up to seven times more common than hay fever. The thing about tooth decay, though, is that it is entirely preventable. Meeting with your Valencia Dentists to educate yourself and your family is a very important step.

A healthy parent leads to a healthy child.

Did you know that the bacteria responsible for tooth decay are easily transferred from the parent to the child from such small things as sharing an eating utensil to kissing? For a brief period of history, scientists believed that proneness to tooth decay was an inherited genetic factor, but they soon realized that it was actually a range of bacteria responsible for tooth decay. The bacteria live in plaque, hiding along your gums and between your teeth, eating away at your enamel. If you are prone to dental woes, such as cavities, sharing your meal with your toddler can lead to trouble for them down the road. This is why it is so important for you to keep a healthy mouth. Not only that, but your child will see you maintaining strong oral hygiene and want to do it, too!

Start them young!

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you bring your children in to see your dentist as early as the age of one, preferably before. Baby teeth are tremendously important in your child’s dental development, as well as their speech and skeletal development. Your dentist will ensure your child is developing safely and can discuss health care tips with you. They can teach you methods to do at home to help prevent tooth decay in your infant, as well as tips and tricks for getting them accustomed to a toothbrush. It is important that you bring them in early as you can detect and fix problems before they get a chance to turn major.

First impressions last a lifetime.

Are you nervous to visit the dentist? Had a bad experience when you were younger? Be careful not to project those fears onto your child. A child’s first experience with a dentist should be a positive one to prevent hesitation in the future. Dentists in today’s world offer a wide variety of solutions to help your child feel their most comfortable, from light sedation using laughing gas to television screens. And never you fear, parents! You can always sit in the room with your child and give them your support. There is no need to be afraid anymore, not with your Valencia Dentist.

Fluoride is not the only solution.

While fluoride is very beneficial in the prevention of tooth decay, dentists and scientists alike have been discovering alternative methods to help keep those dental caries at bay. Xylitol, which is used as a food sweetener and often appears in chewing gum, has been shown to inhibit the growth of some bacteria known to cause tooth decay. As an added bonus, Xylitol contains up to 33% fewer calories than regular sugar. Licorice root extract is also shown to help bring down the number of cavities and can be found in candies. However, the best method of prevention is through the regular brushing and use of fluoride-infused toothpastes and mouthwashes.


As always, ask your friendly Valencia Dentists for an appointment for you and your child. They can help you decide what is best. They are always there to answer your questions and strive to make your family a healthy family.