Dental Care You Can Count On 
Person Taking A Picture

What’s with all the pictures?

Your favorite Valencia dentists take a lot of pictures here at your Go Dental: radiographs, intraoral cameras, digital SLR cameras. We so take it for granted that all of this visual information will be available for us in communicating with our patients that we forget it is not universal. To us, it is central to our ability to communicate with you and for you about your treatment needs.

Just last week I had two new patients thank me for showing them the x-rays and pictures that explained why they needed treatment. No one, they said, had ever done that before. These were mid-career professionals, not teenagers, and these were not going to be their first fillings. “Never?” I asked. Both replied: No, they had always just been told you need a filling, or a crown, or a deep cleaning, schedule on your way out.

I really don’t understand. At Go Dental we believe in a relationship built on trust, right from your first visit. We will always take the time to discuss treatment decisions with you and answer your questions. If we suggest treatment for you, we will always be able to tell you why. Always. You will not be bullied or coerced into making choices without the opportunity to ask questions. That is our commitment to our patients here at Go Dental.