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Child Biting a Lollipop

Candy Good for Your Teeth?

As discussed before, poor oral health has been linked to Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and even pancreatic cancer, so good oral care is more important than ever.

That is why a team of scientists over in Germany has recently made an exciting breakthrough in the world of candy and oral health. They found that, by combining sugar-free candy with dead bacteria, they were able to reduce the overall amount of bacteria in your mouth. Significantly.

Bacteria tends to collect on the surface of the teeth after eating, which then dissolves the dentin and enamel of your teeth, causing cavities. This candy is able to prevent some of the worse bacteria from binding to your teeth and creates more saliva flow to help wash it all away.

In the study, one-third of the subjects ate candy with 1 mg of the dead bacteria, one third ate candy with2 mg of the dead bacteria, and the rest had candy without the bacteria. In the trials with the bacteria, over 75% of the subjects had a significantly lower amount of bacteria in their mouths after eating the candy.

Additionally, the subjects eating just one piece of the candy containing 2 mg of the dead bacteria had measurable decreases in the bacteria in their mouths.

The candy works by using heat-killed samples of L. paracasei bacteria combined in a sugar-free candy. These dead bacteria will bind with living M. streptococci bacteria in your mouth, preventing it from being able to attach to your tooth surfaces. Then, with the additional saliva produced from eating candy,it all washes away, preventing any tooth damage.

The team behind these findings believe that they can also use the dead bacteria in other solutions, such as mouthwashes, but feel the combination with candy is the best use at the moment.

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