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How Your Diet Choices Can Help Your Enamel

Enamel – it’s one of the four major tissues that makes up the tooth in humans and many other animals and even some species of fish! Enamel is the normally visible part of the tooth, covering the crown.

Your enamel is one of the major parts of your teeth, the main protector against tooth decay. Protecting your enamel is one of the most crucial steps to maintaining a healthy mouth. Your diet is one of the ways that you can affect the health of your tooth enamel – for good or bad.

Some of the main foods that help restore, strengthen, and protect enamels are dairy products, foods containing Vitamin D, and foods with high amounts of protein. The combination of these nutrients not only supports the health of your enamel but that of the bones throughout your body as well.

However, there are many foods and drinks that can harm and decay your tooth enamel. These include sour foods, acidic fruits such as citrus, and sugary drinks like soda. That’s not to say that fruits should be removed from your diet – but try eating fruit with a meal containing other foods to help mitigate the damage to your teeth.

Regardless of the state of your enamel, there's always room for improvement, and Go Dental Valencia can provide an anxiety-free visit to help you get started. We provide trustworthy and gentle dentistry for our patients, and we can help you shape your diet to improve and maintain the health of your mouth – contact us today to find out how!