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Flabby Gums, Flabby Health

When you’re in for your quarter yearly cleaning, you may hear your dentist or dental hygienist reciting numbers. They aren’t counting your teeth, but they are taking specific measurements. They use a carefully calibrated tool to assess your gum health.

The tool they use is a measuring device, which measures between 1mm and 9mm. They measure the distance between your gum and your tooth – the larger the gap, the more likely you are to suffer from gum disease.
A healthy gum gap measurement falls between 1 and 4 mm. Any number greater than that signifies that your gums may be inflamed and that a deep cleaning may be necessary. The deep cleaning requires a special tool, possible small incisions, and a more frequent professional cleaning schedule. These extra treatments can cost you time and money.

The good news is that gum disease and flabby gums are preventable and, more importantly, treatable with regular cleaning and flossing. Inflammation can be caused when food particles are trapped in the gums, so with regular cleaning, the particles can be removed before they cause trouble.

If you have been having issues with bleeding or sensitive gums, make sure to schedule an appointment with your friendly Valencia dentist. They can assess your risk of gum disease, and go over steps to treat and prevent it.