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A Child Getting Their Teeth Looked At by a Dentist

Is Your Tooth Infected?

Untreated tooth decay, exposed pulp, and gum disease can all lead to a dental abscess. An abscess occurs when an infection reaches the root of your tooth, or the space between your tooth and gums. Bacteria infects your tooth, reaching the pulp, and can spread throughout your tooth and even into your jaw bone.
A toothache is the biggest indicator of something awry. Some people with infected teeth suffer from extreme, throbbing pain in a centralized location. Some people have no pain at all. Once the pulp of your tooth dies, the pain often vanishes, but it doesn't mean the infection is gone.

With pain as an unreliable indicator, you can also check for other symptoms. People fighting an infection will often time have a fever, swollen neck glands, or ill feelings. A dying tooth will often times leave a bitter taste in your mouth, and have a foul smell tainting your breath. And any swelling in the jaw or gums is always a sign of concern. An abscess can form in your gums, often filling with pus.

In order to rid yourself of the infection, you must sometimes have any abscesses drained. A root canal is often suggested, or even tooth removal. And then a strong dose of antibiotics will finish off any lingering infections. If the pain is unbearable, ibuprofen can sometimes be used to take the edge off.

Teeth abscesses and infections can be prevented, of course, by maintaining oral health and visiting your friendly Valencia dentist regularly. If you have any concerns about your tooth’s health, be sure to ask your dentist.