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Need a Tooth Pulled? Here is what to Expect.

There are many reasons a tooth may require extraction: tooth decay, trauma, and damage, infection, or even a crowded jawline. But with today’s advances in dentistry, a tooth extraction does not need to be something that causes you anxiety. Your friendly Valencia dentist is here to walk you through the process.

Once your dentist has determined that a tooth (or teeth) needs to be pulled, they will schedule your appointment with an oral surgeon. The surgeon will begin by giving you a simple shot to administer a local anesthetic, preventing pain and discomfort while they work. If you have to have multiple teeth pulled, a larger dose of anesthetic may be required, possibly including some laughing gas so you sleep throughout the procedure.

Depending on the damage to the tooth, an extraction can be a simple pull, or it may require the surgeon to cut away gum and bone tissue. Some teeth are held tightly by ligaments in the jaw, as well as bone, making it more difficult. And in some more extreme cases, the tooth may need to be broken into several
smaller pieces in order to be removed. Either route, you will not feel a thing.

After the tooth (or teeth) is successfully removed, your surgeon will pack the extraction site with gauze and have you bite down on it. This helps to stop the bleeding and begin to form a blood clot. In very rare cases, the blood clot in the socket will break loose. This exposes the bone and can cause pain. In those situations, a quick trip back to your dentist will have the socket repacked, and the blood clot on its way to forming again.
In many cases, your surgeon will provide you with painkillers. Make sure you take them as prescribed. If there is any signs of swelling, applying an ice pack to the area will help keep it in check. The ice shouldn't be used for more than 10 minutes at a time, however. In order to avoid loosening the blood clot, try to prevent rinsing and spitting for about 48 hours. After that, rinsing with warm salt water will help with pain and stave off infection. Most importantly, get some rest in the day following the procedure. Your body needs to heal.

If you experience any intense pain after 24 hours or have signs of infection, be sure to let your friendly Valencia dentist know as soon as you can. These are rare occurrences, but your friendly Valencia dentist is there to help.

In one to two weeks after your extraction, you should be back in fighting shape with your beautiful smile.

If you have any questions about the extraction process, be sure to ask your friendly Valencia dentist during your next appointment.