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Child drinking orange sports drinks

Acidic Drinks Lead to Permanent Damage?

If your kids are addicted to their energy drinks, sodas, sports drinks, or even fruit juices, they may be doing irreversible damage to their teeth. The high acidity levels in these drinks may be doing more harm than once thought, studies show.

A research group in Australia has found that permanent damage to the tooth’s enamel is done within 30 seconds of the acid coming into contact with the teeth. It’s no longer a matter of having your child rinse or brush within an hour or 30 minutes, the damage is already done.

The mouth is typically in a balance between acid and protective mechanisms, but once the acid takes over, the teeth and enamel become damaged. And that highly acidic environment combined with other unhealthy factors can lead to damage to your kids’ teeth.

If they grind their teeth, have untreated gingivitis, suffer from acid reflux, or forget to floss – these all combine with acidic drinks into a powerhouse of long-term tooth damage.

The researchers claim that dental erosion caused by acidic drinks is on the rise in kids and teens. And, in most cases, can only be detected after other extensive tooth wear has already occurred. The dental erosion caused by acidic drinks can lead to a lifetime of compromised dental health that can cost time and money and happiness down the line. But it’s easily preventable now – nix the acidic drinks.

If you have any questions about dental erosion and the damages of acidic liquids on your enamel, be sure to ask your friendly Valencia dentist today.