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Good News for Sensitive Teeth

If you are one of the many people who suffer from sensitive teeth, you may be in luck. Scientists are on their way to developing a new biomaterial that can rebuild broken and worn enamel, reducing your tooth sensitivity for an extended period of time.

Sensitive teeth are caused by a number of different things, but can all be linked to exposure of the dentin. In healthy teeth, your tooth’s dentin is protected by the hardy enamel layer. When that is damaged or worn, it allows external things to reach the nerve-filled dentin, which causes the uncomfortable twinge of pain.
Some common things that contribute to tooth sensitivity are: a buildup of plaque eating away at your enamel, gum disease and gingivitis, grinding and wearing down your teeth causing the enamel to fracture, brushing too hard, or letting dental decay go untreated.

Most treatments on the market, including sealants and toothpastes, are effective but do not stand up to the everyday wear-and-tear that your teeth go through. The scientists have found a longer lasting option for you. They made a concoction based on the elements found naturally in your teeth, mainly calcium and phosphorus, and created a paste. The paste is applied directly to your teeth and plugs up tubes and other enamel deficiencies more deeply that traditional methods. This allows the paste to potentially repair the worn enamel while blocking outside agents from getting to your dentin. Since the paste goes so deep in your tooth, it is also longer lasting.

As of right now, the paste has only been tested on dogs with promising results. But if you are suffering today from tooth sensitivity, be sure to talk to your friendly Valencia dentist about your current options. There are many effective treatments, and with your Valencia dentist, your
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