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Sharing Spoons with Your Toddlers? Think Again

Parents beware!

New studies have shown that sharing spoons during mealtime actually puts your toddlers’ oral health at risk. Recent studies have shown that tooth decay in children aged five to nine have grown nearly 14% since 2011.

While many mothers are not aware of how easy it is to transfer their oral bacteria, fewer know that even kissing their child on the lips can transfer some harmful bacteria. The tip to prevent this is to practice good oral hygiene on yourself, and impart a healthy tooth cleaning routine for your child.

However, there is a bright side: only parents who have active tooth decay and are carrying the Streptococcus mutans bacteria will be putting their children’s teeth at risk. If you are suffering from tooth decay, be sure to schedule an appointment with your friendly Valencia dentist today to get that cleared up. Not only for your health, but also your child’s.

If you are unsure how to teach your kids the healthiest brushing methods, be sure you ask your friendly Valencia dentist today. Not only can we teach you how to take care of yourself, but we can also teach you ways to ensure your child has a happy, healthy smile.