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Missing Teeth Predict Future Health

In a recent 13 year study, it was found that the number of missing teeth directly correlated with overall health later in life. Researchers studied 8,446 individuals, ages 25 – 75, and determined their missing teeth as a baseline. 13 years later, they followed up by determining if they had died or developed any incidental diseases, such as heart disease or diabetes.

Worldwide, noncommunicable diseases such as heart disease and diabetes are the leading cause of death. Strong links between periodontitis and these noncommunicable diseases have been found. Untreated periodontitis is also the leading cause of tooth loss.

The study performed by the University of Helsinki and the National Institute for Health and Welfare has found that people missing as few as 5 teeth had an increased risk of heart disease and heart attacks by 140%. 9 or more missing teeth, and the risk for heart disease rises to 151%, diabetes to 131%, and death to 137%. For patients missing all of their teeth, their risk climbs to 140-168%.

If this sounds scary to you, never fear. Your friendly Valencia dentist is here for you to discuss your current oral health, and help you keep a healthy smile that will last you a lifetime.