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Anxiety May Lead to Tooth Damage

Tend to bite your nails when you are nervous? Clench your jaw when you are tense? Well, recent studies have shown that if you suffer from any form of social anxiety, you are at double the risk of damaging your teeth by grinding them.

The study also shows that anxiety sufferers are three times more likely to suffer from what they call “jaw play”, which is tensing and slightly moving your jaw without any tooth contact. This can contribute to TMJ and also migraines. You are also eight times more likely to suffer from “awake bruxism”, which is classified as tooth grinding while awake.

Indication of moderate to severe dental wear is much more common in anxiety sufferers, which means it is important for you to visit your dentist often to discuss your concerns with tooth grinding. If they can help you determine that anxiety is playing a part in your grinding, your friendly Valencia dentist can help you find a doctor to possibly get your started on an anxiety treatment.

So if you notice yourself tensing your jaw when you see a crowd, or biting your nails when you’re in public, or grinding your teeth while waiting in line, it may be time to talk to your friendly Valencia dentist about possible solutions. A happy mind leads to a happy body which leaves a happy smile.