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Dentists Find Leading Cause of Tooth Decay

What is the Leading Cause of Tooth Decay?

Roughly 79% of adults have a form of tooth decay and dental erosion. To find out why dentists began looking at their diets. Two things stood out as a common link between all of them: citric acid and sugar.

Citric acid binds to the calcium found in your teeth and weakens the protective enamel. Sugar sticks to the surface of the tooth and feeds bacteria, speeding up their acid production. The combination of the two is the perfect storm of tooth decay.

Fruit juice and soda drinks contain large amounts of both of these substances. Of the 79% of adults with tooth decay, 5% of them have severe tooth wear and admit to drinking more fruit juice and soda than any other adults per day. Adults with healthier teeth reportedly drink more milk than fruit juice or soda. Drinking the sugary drinks more than once a day can significantly increase your odds of tooth decay.

But if you have signs of tooth decay and dental erosion now, all hope is not lost. By visiting your friendly Valencia dentist and receiving regular checkups and advice, you can prevent your teeth from eroding further and preventing future issues. Stopping that decay now can prevent a root canal in the future.

If you are feeling parched, reach for that glass of water or milk. Not only are they better for your teeth, but they are better for your body.

To make sure that your teeth are in tiptop shape, be sure to schedule a visit with your friendly Valencia dentist today.