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5 All-too-Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes

Healthy teeth can lead to brighter smiles, increased confidence, and better general health. Overall, people do a pretty good job of taking care of their teeth, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Today, we’re going to highlight 5 common oral hygiene mistakes and tell you what to do instead!

1. Over-Cleaning Your Brush – After giving your teeth a thorough cleaning, rinse off your toothbrush and store it upright, making sure to keep it from touching other brushes. Resist any urge to clean further; running your toothbrush through the dishwasher or excessively scrubbing the bristles leads to reduced brush function without adding much cleanliness! A simple rinse will do.

2. Brush Enclosures for Travel – While traveling, nothing beats the convenience of taking a toothbrush with a cover that clasps over the bristles. However, keeping your toothbrush all cooped up may not be the best idea. Once you’ve reached your destination and you’ve taken your brush out of your bag, store it uncovered and upright--just as you would at home--until you leave. Clasping moist bristles inside any kind of casing for extended periods of time creates an ideal environment for bacteria to flourish.

3. X-Ray Avoidance – As dentists, we field all sorts of patient concerns. More often than you’d think, people are hesitant to undergo dental x-rays for fear of radiation. We’re here to allay those fears. Your Valencia dentists use the most sophisticated, modern x-ray technology to drastically reduce any exposure to radiation. Our digital x-ray technology is extremely non-invasive and incredibly effective at identifying dental problems.

4. Smoking – Time and time again, we’re warned of the dangers of smoking. In addition to causing severe general health conditions (cancer, heart disease), smoking is also terrible for the teeth. It stains and damages enamel and makes treating gum disease more difficult. Nicotine compromises the body’s ability to naturally fight infection and inflammation, which makes gum diseases more painful, potent, and difficult to treat.

5. Jumping to Conclusions – It’s only natural that when something feels a little off in our bodies, we try to identify the cause of discomfort. Unfortunately, taking the hunt for diagnoses online can often do more harm than good. For example, did you know that something as simple as grinding teeth (bruxism) can be a symptom of something as nebulous as stress or as specific as sleep apnea? Visiting your Valencia dentist is the best way to get answers from a trained professional.

To learn more about how to keep your smile healthy, be sure to visit your friendly dentists in Valencia!