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Beaver Skull

Iron in Beaver's Teeth Shows Way to Stronger Enamel

Without toothpaste, regular brushing, or fluoride rinses, beavers manage to maintain durable, cavity-free teeth. Meanwhile, if we humans neglect our oral hygiene habits, we suffer painful and unsightly consequences. So, why is it that beavers can chew away without worry? The answer is microscopic.

No matter the species, all teeth are composed—partly—of enamel. It’s the glossy surface that many of us (including your Valencia dentists) strive to keep strong and shining brightly. Healthy enamel is what keeps our smiles looking lovely!

While both beavers and humans have layers of enamel on the surface of teeth, new studies have discovered that beaver enamel is fortified by iron while the enamel in humans is fortified with magnesium and fluoride. As it turns out, iron is extremely effective at chemically combating the acidic attacks that cause cavities. The trade-off is that it turns teeth the reddish-brown hue characteristic of beavers.

First off, it’s important to note that this discovery doesn’t mean you should put down the toothbrush and pick up the iron supplements. However, this new information is furthering our understanding of human tooth decay and could lead to the development of new tools that will help us Valencia dentists more effectively protect enamel protection down the line.

While new techniques and technologies are developed and tested, the very best way to keep your enamel in healthy, shiny shape is to continue with your oral hygiene routine as instructed by your Valencia dentist. This includes regular brushing with dentist-approved toothpaste, flossing, rinsing with fluoride, and maintaining a healthy, low-sugar diet!

We don’t see a brush-free future ahead, but perhaps scientists can learn a thing or two from beavers that’ll keep our teeth healthy for longer—without the iron color!