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Expiration Date on Dental Work

Did you know there is an expiration date on your dental work?

That’s one of the many reasons you should have routine maintenance check-ups with your friendly Valencia dentist. During your exam your Valencia dentist will check for any weaknesses in past dental work and determine if any need to be replaced. Maintaining great dental hygiene is the first step you can take to keeping your dental work in good shape.

Dental work including fillings (dental restoration), crowns, and bridges last quite a few years but may need to be replaced due to drinking, eating, or grinding. Tooth decay can occur around the filling leaving a dangerous gap between the filling and the tooth. That gap is an open door for bacteria and food particles. An X-ray may be required in order to determine if there has been any decay under the previous dental work. If there has been decay under a crown, the crown may need to be replaced.

Fillings, if done correctly and properly taken care of, should last over 10 years. Crowns and bridges should last anywhere between 10-15 years. Each person has unique dental hygiene and the longevity of your dental work will vary. Your Valencia dentist will be able to determine the best lifecycle of your dental work.

If you think you have a broken or worn down implant or previous dental work, call your Valencia dentist and make an appointment today! Waiting to get it repaired could cause damage to not only the implant but to your teeth.