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7 Fast Facts from Your Valencia Dentist

  1. What is plaque, anyway? Plaque is a clear, sticky film that sticks to your teeth. When you consume sugar, the plaque reacts by producing acid, which eats away at a tooth’s enamel. Over time, this acid erodes holes into the teeth, known as cavities or dental caries.
  2. Does my mouth defend against tooth decay? Yes, but your mouth needs all the help it can get! Saliva constantly provides your teeth with minerals, protecting them from acids and preventing tooth decay, but plaque builds up quickly and needs to be brushed and flossed away. Make sure to give your keep the care they need and the saliva will take care of the rest.
  3. Sugar-free doesn’t mean tooth-decay free. Although reducing your intake of sugar certainly does make life easier for your enamel, the acidic substitutes found in many of the sweet “sugar-free” products can often be just as harmful. A tip from your Valencia dentist: Just because it says “sugar free” doesn’t mean it’s safe for your teeth!
  4. Chew on this! There is one notable exception to the “sugar-free” rule: Chewing sugar-free gum after meals results in a significant reduction in the formation of dental cavities. This is because chewing gum promotes the generation of saliva, which helps wash harmful sugars and acids from your teeth!
  5. What is a cavity anyway? A cavity is decay that has progressed to the point it forms a hole in the tooth. Your Valencia dentist will check for cavities regularly because, when left unaddressed, cavities get larger and larger, and eventually become big problems.
  6. Dental visits aren’t audits. As much about getting your teeth cleaned as it is about preventing bigger issues. Your Valencia dentist isn’t out to catch bad habits; they’re here to heal, clean, and educate you on ways to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Oral hygiene is about more than pearly whites. Oral hygiene involves much more than regular brushing to maintain a set of pearly whites. Keeping your mouth clean is in part about keeping your gums healthy. And, not to scare you, but unhealthy gums have been linked to heart disease. A healthy mouth is part of a healthy body.

Dentistry is a huge field and there’s a lot to learn. All the family dentists here at Go Dental hope that these few fast facts keep your smile bright and your gums happy!