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Believe it or Not: National Toothache Day

If you look at a comprehensive calendar, you’ll find that every day marks a celebration of something or someone. Perhaps one of the oddest things to celebrate on the calendar is February 9th, National Toothache Day. Although nobody is quite sure of the origins of this oddly specific and dubious holiday, we can assure you it’s a real thing! In celebration (if that’s the right word) of National Toothache Day, we’re going to talk about what you should do if you start to feel the pain of a toothache.

  1. Make an Appointment with Your Valencia Dentist
    Experiencing any pain in your mouth should prompt a quick call to your dentist. Toothaches have a tendency to escalate and oftentimes are a symptom of a larger problem. Pain in the mouth can indicate microfractures, severe cavities, and bacterial infection, so don’t ignore it.
  2. Soothe the Pain Naturally
    Once the appointment is made, you may have a few hours to wait; and you shouldn’t wait in pain! Try the following natural, simply remedies to dull toothache pain.
    • Clove Oil – Apply a few drops of natural clove oil to a cotton swab and lightly dab the irritated tooth. Clove oil contains a chemical compound called eugenol, a natural anesthetic, which will help dull pain. Additionally, clove oil has antiseptic properties, which can help keep a bacterial infection under control. Be careful to only apply the oil directly the tooth and do not consume it directly.
    • Peppermint Tea – Similar to clove oil, peppermint tea also has a number of medicinal properties. When consumed in the form of a hot tea, peppermint acts as an anti-inflammatory. This soothing herb can quell pain from a toothache and is less volatile than clove oil, which must be used with care.
    • Salt Water – Swishing warm salt water is a great way to reduce swelling and safely cleanse your mouth. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in boiling water and allow the water to cool until safe to touch. Swish for 30 seconds and spit. This should help reduce the pain!
  3. Take Preventative Measures
    Of course, the best way to avoid mouth pain is to make regular visits your family dentist in Valencia. Trained professionals can give you the advice you need to keep your mouth and teeth happy and healthy. We’ll help you spot little issues before they become big problems.

This February, we wish you a National Toothache Day free of toothaches! Remember, if you have any dental concerns, consult with your friendly dentists in Valencia—we’re here to help!