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Boomers & Dental Care

After the age of 65, most retirees opt out of dental insurance. Not having routine checkups and continued maintained on previous work can lead to a number of problems, including gum disease and tooth decay. Simply due to the wear and tear that accumulates over the years,, boomers are at high risk for gum disease and periodontitis. Periodontitis is a disease that attacks the tissue around the teeth. Not only are your routine dental visits preventative, but your Valencia dentist could help identify other health risks.

Dental insurance is offered to boomers, but many think they don’t need it. Everyone should have dental insurance, but due to the years of damage done to their teeth, boomers specifically should have insurance. In order to maintain previous dental work such as crowns and root canals, routine dental check-ups are required. Call your Valencia dentist today to make sure your previous dental implants and procedures aren’t at risk.

Poor dental hygiene, specifically in people aged 50-70, can lead to poor overall health. “63% of boomers with oral symptoms indicating a more serious health issue were unaware of the symptom’s link to the condition.” (1) Many people are unaware of the connection between oral hygiene and overall health. Symptoms of diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis are often first apparent through mouth exams. Dry mouth, bone loss, and bleeding gums are yellow flags that your Valencia dentist could identify as onset symptoms for bigger problems. Jaw pain could be one of the first identifiers for a potential looming heart attack (2) The more aware of your dental health you are, the more aware of your overall health you are.

Don’t let your lack of insurance be a problem. Your family dentist in Valencia can assist you with finding the insurance you need and help you jump start both your dental and overall health.