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To Floss or Not to Floss, is that the question?

If you’ve ever visited your Valencia Dentist, you’ve more than likely been encouraged to floss. The American Dental Association continues to support the act of flossing as “an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums.”

However, earlier this year the Associated Press asked the Department of Health and Human Services and Agriculture to show scientific evidence of the benefit of habitual flossing. After research of over 25 published studies, they could not find evidence that supports flossing. In the new dietary guidelines that will be released later this year, the recommendation to floss will be removed.

Everyone’s personal hygiene regimen is specific to them, and your friendly ValenciaDentist can help identify what is best for you, but in general - flossing is a good practice and habit to have. That said, similar to brushing too often, or too hard, flossing incorrectly can have a negative effect to your gums, teeth, and dental work.

Cavities start from built-up bacteria, mostly between the teeth, which flossing can help prevent. The interim chair of the Department of Periodontics at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, Andrew Sullivan says “if people floss once a day, they’re doing a tremendous amount of good.”

There is no denying the benefits we have seen when patients start flossing. Come in for a checkup today and ask your Valencia dentist how flossing could benefit you!