Dental Care You Can Count On 

In the Dentist's Tool Bag

Dentistry technology continues to expand and evolve into great technology that makes your visits to your family dentist in Valencia easier, shorter, and even more pleasant. Even with advancing technology, some of the most basic tools continue to be highly effective and common practice. Let’s reviews some of the basic tools you might encounter at your next scheduled cleaning.

Some of the most basic tools include the mirror, the pliers, the saliva ejector, and the probe. These instruments are mostly used to help us navigate your mouth and maintain your comfort, whether you’re there for a root canal or a cleaning. The mirror and probe allow your dentist to see into the crevices of your mouth and help identify what type of care you might need. The saliva ejector and pliers are usually used to extract extra saliva, blood, or debris that may have accumulated during your care.

For the most basic cleaning, the primary tool used is an ultrasonic instrument that uses small motions to do a basic cleanse of larger tarter pieces. This tool may also use small bursts of water to help loosen any debris. Depending on the dental care you need, you may have an x-ray. This will help your friendly family dentist identify issues such as tooth decay, cysts, impacted teeth, and cavities. The x-ray may be able to catch cautionary problems before they become harder to treat.

You may have experienced a blue light with an orange screen over it. These are called dental curing lights. These are used to complete the secure processing of fillings and other resin-based materials your care may have required.

No matter what you are visiting us for, you will probably see at least one of the tools from the above list. Don’t know what something is? Don’t be afraid to ask us! Your family dentist in Valencia is always happy to answer any questions you may have!